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Kuppan Construction is an established architects firm with depth range of experience that has been gained through sustained success. Our responsibility to create diverse, innovative and exciting Outcomes to Clients for their various Structural needs. Our diverse portfolio of projects includes commercial and hospitality, industrial, educational, historic, cultural and multi-family housing facilities.

In addition to architectural and engineering services we provide master planning, long term planning, site analysis, site selection, feasibility studies, due diligence and historic surveys.We pride ourselves on the development of site responsive and implementable concepts with demonstrated technical and project management skills to ensure the successful translation of innovative designs to high quality constructed landscape works. We embrace improving our community's social, economic and environmental issues through design. We believe it is critical to preserve our heritage and our future.

Our Team

The benefits of teaming exponentially improves the final product and the project team. Teaming brings together experts to provide their specialized knowledge to solve problems, one of the basic tenants of architecture - problem solving. Teaming also provides plenty of opportunity to enlist those team building skills such as careful listening, positive attitude, keeping your word, patience, humility, integrity and a chance to be passionate.The economic side of teaming results in less change orders during construction, more value out of the dollar and an improved bottom line.We believe teaming provides the best chance of getting the best product within the given schedule and budget.